Know Bare Metal cloud

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Bare-metal cloud is a public cloud service where the customer rents dedicated hardware resources from a remote service provider. It overcomes the issue of high data consumption and geographically spread-out users by letting you place servers where your users are.

Zenlayer Bare Metal cloud

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It is one of the best server with high-performance computing power of bare metal combined with the flexibility of the cloud provides optimal user experience.


Be Everywhere

Place servers where your users are across emerging markets like China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Western Africa, South Africa, and more.

Directly connect to your servers in other regions and public clouds for a completely interconnected solution. Make additional connections through Zenlayer Cloud Interconnect Partners.

Public Clouds
AWS, Azure, Google, IBM Cloud
Interconnected Partners
Equinix, Megaport, Coresite

Features of Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud


High-speed performance with dedicated servers

  • Complete control of data
  • Best dedicated server up to 256 GB of RAM with Standard configurations
  • up to 40 cores with Dual Xeon Scalable Processors

Scale up and down

  • Meet demand
  • Add or remove servers with Zenlayer Portal
  • Shift resources to another region
  • Hourly or monthly billing

Relax with 24/7 technical support

  • Free Live technical support
  • <15 min response time
  • Dedicated service
  • 95% tickets resolved in less than 4 hours

Build a customised hybrid cloud solution

Combine the best of public clouds and private servers with Zenlayer. Use bare metal servers for reliable performance and burst into the cloud with virtual machines to handle spikes.

Bare Metal Cloud
  • Complete control
  • Predictable Cost
  • Dedicated performance
  • Secure
Public Cloud
  • Hyper-scaling
  • SaaS API integration
  • Automatic load distribution

Bare Metal cloud Use Cases

Building ApplicationsHosting NoSQL and relational databasesCustom Virtual Environments Process Big Data
AI and Machine LearningGame ServersRender Farms Media Transcoding

Server Configurations and server cost

Choose any of the server configuration modes below. Save costs with these servers for sale.
Mode :SmallMediumLarge
Pricing :from $99/mofrom $299/mofrom $599/mo

Available operating systems

Choose any of the OS below or use your own. Windows Server licenses available starting from $20/server.

  • Centos
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • ESXi
  • Windows
  • Custom

Part of a complete solution

Integrate Bare Metal Cloud with other Zenlayer products to create customized solutions